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specialty shaped windows

Windows come in many specialty shapes. These custom windows can present a challenge when it comes to finding the right window coverings. allen + roth® offers many versatile and durable options to help you cover your specialty shaped window.

  • Arch Window

    arch window

  • Extended Arch Window

    extended arch window

  • Half Arch Window

    half arch window

cellular, pleated, or natural shades can be fashioned into most arched shapes. faux wood arch will fit perfect arch windows from 20" to 70" wide. cellular and pleated shades can be produced for half arch or quarter circles as well as for skylight windows.

  • Circle Window

    circle window

  • Oval Window

    oval arch window

  • Angle Window

    angle window

cellular, pleated, and natural shades can be produced with an angled top. the shades will raise as far as the lowest side of the angle. vertical blinds are also an option for angled top windows. the vanes will stack to the high side of the window.

download our easy-to-use "Specialty Shape Measure Sheet".