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color disclaimer

Despite every effort to accurately depict each product's color when scanned to our website, actual colors may vary. In addition, subtle color differences and textures may not be fully appreciated on some systems due to differences in monitors and/or display cards. We offer sample swatches for a better representation, but sample swatches may still have minor color variations from your actual order.

There are natural variances in the wood's color, grain, etc. that cause dye lots to vary in color. Although we consider these variances to be minimal there is no way to assure an exact color with stained wood blinds. Woven Wood shades are made from bamboo, rattan, reeds, jutes, and other natural woods. Because they are a natural product the colors can vary substantially between dye lots. Also the color of our bamboo patterns varies from a light green to a yellow/tan depending on when the bamboo is harvested. Green bamboo should gradually change to a more yellow/tan color over time.

If you are ordering multiple blinds or shades and you want them to match, make certain you purchase all of your shades at the same time so they are manufactured from the same material lot. We can only guarantee a color match for blinds that are purchased together on the same order.